Cadaver Course

In this 2 days program, I will give lectures and we will spend one full day in the cadaver laboratory. This hands-on program is for all level surgeons. It is especially helpful for surgeons who are new to dorsal preservation techniques. There are 20 participants and we will have one fresh frozen cadaver head for 2 surgeons.

*Limited to 20 participants.

- 2 DAYS -

The details of 2 days program are as follow:
- First day I will give lectures focused on basic surgical steps. As we will only be a small group of 20, the lectures are always very interactive.

- The 2nd day is cadaver dissection day. Here we will perform every 20 steps in order. I will first give a small description to refresh. Then all surgeons will perform the step simultaneously while I check each table and give comments, show the manipulations to each surgeon. We will also have experienced Teorhinoplasty surgeons to help each table.

The cadaver laboratory is located in KoƧ University Hospital.
It is the best of its kind, with excellent infrastructure and atmosphere.